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3 Reasons To Outsource An Efficient Call Centre For Your Geelong Business

September 22, 2020 There are various ways in which businesses can benefit from local and professional call centre services in Geelong, particularly to establish, develop and nurture client relationships. In times like these, having a loyal customer base is pivotal to survival; and we at Call Assist prioritise your business’ survival over all else. We want to see...
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Benefits of using a local call centre in Geelong

August 6, 2020 Call Assist is a call centre in Geelong providing local businesses with the services they need to obtain new customers and elevate their business. We understand the needs of local businesses and their customer base and as a result are able to deliver genuine, reliable and representative customer service and call centre services for our...
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Marketing campaign support helping Geelong businesses get maximum results

June 28, 2020 Is your business currently trying to increase sales or increase its customer base through marketing? Receiving a lot of enquiries but not well-positioned to follow them up? You need marketing campaign support from our Geelong-based specialists. Call Assist has a local team of customer service experts helping businesses convert more leads into paying customers. We...
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How our local call centre helps Geelong businesses

May 20, 2020 Our Geelong-based call centre is focused on helping businesses become more profitable and give better customer service. We want to ensure your customers are well looked after, while giving you the ability to convert more leads into paying customers. So what specific benefits are there to hire an external call centre? Hiring a call centre...
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Five benefits of using our Geelong call centre services

January 25, 2020 Our Geelong-based call centre helps businesses of all sizes provide top-of-the-line local customer service. Keeping customers happy is a priority for any business. Call Assist staff are professionals when it comes to delivering quality front-line customer service and can help your business to prosper. Five advantages of using a local, expert call centre in Geelong...
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The marketing campaign support Geelong businesses can rely on in 2020

December 24, 2019 When it comes to sourcing expert marketing campaign support Geelong businesses will reap the benefits in 2020 with Call Assist’s experienced team. Just imagine being able to set up and run your marketing campaign without other business activities absorbing your time. Just think if you didn’t have to waste hours on tasks like admin, answering...
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Five benefits of a virtual assistant for Geelong businesses

November 19, 2019 For quality virtual assistants Geelong businesses can’t go wrong with Call Assist’s professional crew. Virtual assistants provide many advantages to businesses, big and small. They free up owners and senior staff from daily admin so they can concentrate on developing the business. By capably carrying out their role, virtual assistants can play a part in...
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Inbound customer service specialists for Geelong businesses

September 22, 2019 By using our experts for inbound customer service Geelong business owners can wrestle back much needed time to concentrate on growing their organisation. It’s no secret that time is one of the greatest assets for business owners. But once a business grows, so do workloads as staff battle to met increased customer service demands. And...
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Virtual office for Geelong businesses

August 16, 2019 When it comes to using a virtual office Geelong businesses can find it lifts their productivity to another level. After all, what business owner or manager isn’t sick of being bogged down in never-ending admin duties. But if you want to get back to building your company, Call Assist’s experienced team can help you do...
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