Geelong call centre's frequently asked questions

Is your call centre based overseas?

No, one of the most unique things about Call Assist is that we are a local Geelong call centre that works with local businesses. This gives as an advantage when helping our clients as we understand both Australian business and consumers. With most of our operators having numerous years of experience in customer service, administration, and secretarial services, we are uniquely positioned to produce outstanding results for our clients.

Do you work with allied health clinics?

Yes, allied healthcare providers are some of our major clients. We know that businesses that aren’t following up inbound enquiries or answering the phone are missing opportunities, this is especially true for businesses operating in the healthcare industry.

We can help healthcare providers by providing reception, customer service, sales, and qualify leads to keep their business running. Our team are all Australian and have been with me for many years.

Do you employee overseas operators?

No, all of our staff are based locally. We’re a strong believer that Victorian businesses should receive the highest quality support from people who understand their business and their customers.

What industries do you service?

The Call Assist team has worked with businesses in pretty much every industry, however the most common industries we work with include:

  • IT companies
  • Car insurance repairers
  • Psychologists
  • Web developers
  • International warranty customer service
  • Registered training organisations
  • NDIS registration provider
  • Property developers
  • Conveyancers
  • Local government councils
  • Cleaning companies

If the industry you currently operate in is not included in the list above, please contact us to discuss, chances are we could help you.

What services do you provide to your clients?

Our call centre provides both inbound and outbound call centre services.

The inbound call centre services we provide, we include:

  • Administration
  • Web / email responses
  • Live chat
  • Provide reception
  • Customer service
  • Sales

The outbound call centre services we provide include: