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Help desk services

What can help desk services offer your business?

May 29, 2021 Outsourcing professional help desk services is a positive step for many businesses and can boost their brand reputation and customer experience. When customers of your products or services ring in for support, they want to be heard and their problem solved swiftly. They don’t want to be slowly handballed from one person to the next....
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Virtual administration services

Virtual administration services for Australian businesses

April 30, 2021 Call Assist’s professional team provides virtual administration services that help businesses to streamline their operations and prosper. Our experienced crew can tackle a comprehensive range of tasks including admin, secretarial and even bookkeeping. We help businesses big and small save time, stress and money by shouldering their administration burden. And we don’t let them down....
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Quality call centre in Geelong

Why Call Assist is the best call centre in Geelong

March 31, 2021 When looking for a quality call centre Geelong clients can’t go wrong with Call Assist’s professional team. With highly-trained and experienced staff delivering a comprehensive range of services, we can help you lift your business to new heights. From offering efficient inbound and outbound call services, telemarketing, campaign support, administration, help desk expertise and more,...
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Call Centre Sales Services

Why your business should outsource effective call centre sales

February 18, 2021 If you are a small to medium business that finds itself time-poor and lacking refined sales skills, outsourcing call centre sales could be the best decision you ever make. At Call Assist, we understand the importance of sales and its role in a wide range of different industries. A high functioning sales team can mean...
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Government Call Centre Services

The Number One Provider of Government Call Centre Services is Call Assist!

February 1, 2021 When it comes to Government call centre services in Australia, you simply cannot go past the expertise and experience of Call Assist. Our team provide reliable and professional support to departments and agencies across the Federal, State and Local Government, and streamline the internal processes of the organisations that help the citizens of Australia. Whether...
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Virtual Sales Administration Services

Virtual Sales Administration Services for Australian businesses

December 15, 2020 No longer can businesses rely only on an in-house team and remain efficient and successful in the modern world. Global digitisation and the recent outbreak of COVID are pushing for companies to grow and adapt, generating a significant need for virtual teams across the world. Call Assist, based in Geelong Australia, are one step ahead,...
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Help Desk Services - Call Assist

Why Should Your Business Use Help Desk Services?

November 12, 2020 Do you run a business that receives multiple customer services calls per day, but don’t have the time or team of staff to address all of them? Call Assist offer responsive and professional help desk services to clients Australia-wide to relieve businesses from the stress of keeping customers happy and satisfied. Whether you operate an...
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Inbound Call Centre Australia - Call Assist

Inbound Call Centre Services Supporting Australian Businesses

October 20, 2020 Call Assist offers reliable and professional inbound call centre services to help support Australian businesses through this tough time of COVID-19. We want to see you and your business come out the other end and we are committed to doing what we can to help make that happen. Outsourcing an Inbound call centre can have...
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Help desk services

3 Reasons To Outsource An Efficient Call Centre For Your Geelong Business

September 22, 2020 There are various ways in which businesses can benefit from local and professional call centre services in Geelong, particularly to establish, develop and nurture client relationships. In times like these, having a loyal customer base is pivotal to survival; and we at Call Assist prioritise your business’ survival over all else. We want to see...
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Benefits of using a local call centre in Geelong

August 6, 2020 Call Assist is a call centre in Geelong providing local businesses with the services they need to obtain new customers and elevate their business. We understand the needs of local businesses and their customer base and as a result are able to deliver genuine, reliable and representative customer service and call centre services for our...
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