Boost your business with our virtual administration services

May 29, 2022

With time such a valuable commodity to business people, let Call Assist’s virtual administration services deliver you more minutes on a platter.

Our virtual personal assistants and secretaries can free up your time. Buy you extra hours in the day. It’s as simple as that. You can handball all those tedious and time-sapping, yet important, admin duties to our experienced and skilled PAs and dive back into building your business.

With our professional team attending to a wide range of tasks remotely, you’ll regain hours in your day. Time is such an asset. Just ask anyone who is trying to guide a business to success. So don’t waste it on menial tasks that you can easily delegate to a capable assistant.

Call Assist’s expert virtual PAs provide a wide range of virtual administration services to make life easier for clients. Our team can save you money and provide benefits in areas including scalability, productivity and flexibility. And let’s not forget the absolute relief clients can feel when they know an experienced virtual PA is capably dealing with all the necessary tasks they once shouldered themselves.

Efficient, affordable option

Our virtual PAs and secretaries can carry out duties including:

  • Answer your calls, which you can divert to a dedicated landline phone number that your virtual PA will handle;
  • Make calls on your behalf;
  • Schedule appointments;
  • Manage your calendar;
  • Data entry;
  • Reports, minutes and agendas;
  • Resumes and application letters;
  • Bulk mailing, and more.

Having an office-based employee carrying out these duties can be more expensive. There are associated office costs, wages and other overheads. But a virtual PA from our inbound/outbound call centre is an efficient, affordable option.

If this sounds like a positive step for your business, please contact us today. We are happy to talk about the benefits our professional virtual administration services can bring to your organisation.