How our ​​inbound customer service can help your Geelong business

June 13, 2022

Call Assist provides inbound customer service Geelong businesses need for responsive support on the products and services they offer to their clients or customers. We are committed to keeping your customers happy and giving them the best experience, high satisfaction, and good reviews for your business.

Growth for your business
One of the benefits of having an inbound customer service is that it frees your business to have to require or hire employees to take support calls. This will allow you to put more focus, resources, and time into revenue-generating tasks, growing your business, and improving your products and services.

Dedicated customer service
Furthermore, as your business grows, the number of customers you have will increase, as well as the volume of calls your business will get. We are here to help and make sure that every call from existing and potential customers is attended to and will receive the best service. By having an inbound customer service solution, you’ll be able to give your customers a dedicated resource to help them get the information they need and get answers to their questions quickly and easily.

Together with your team and technical information from your business, we will develop a customer service plan and training manual to equip our customer service staff to help your valued customers with fast and effective solutions to various issues, including assistance for emergency situations. The training manual will come complete with frequently asked questions, from the most common to the less common asked questions, as well as issues, and scenarios that come up.

Call Assist was established in 1998 and has extensive experience in helping out small and large businesses from a wide range of industries. Our inbound customer service team are experienced and highly trained in helping out and dealing with all types of customers. We approach every customer with respect, politeness, and professionalism.

To know more on how we can help your business and your customers, have a chat with our friendly team today.