How telemarketing services help companies to convert customers

April 29, 2022

Using telemarketing services is a cost-effective way to boost your business and expand your customer base.

All businesses, regardless of their size, want to be successful. But it’s a competitive world out there and everyone is fighting to get their products, services and information consumed.

That’s where Call Assist’s experienced telemarketing team can help. Our talented staff have highly-effective sales skills they put to good effect for a diverse range of businesses. Whether you are an IT business, financial advisors, in the health, education or hospitality sectors or other areas, trust our team to make a positive difference to your profits.

Using our 20-seat outbound call centre in Geelong, we can perform telemarketing services for business-to-business promotions. We can target individuals, be they current or lapsed customers or new contacts. Our quality team can take advantage of your existing data base or build a new one. And we’re excellent at generating new leads.

Experienced team

So why is our telemarketing service such a valuable tool for businesses? Well, for lots of reasons. But central to the whole discussion is how our experienced telemarketers make people feel positive and respected during phone calls. It’s the way we treat people that makes us highly effective, and as we know, positive experiences retain customers and create new ones.

Call Assist’s telemarketers are clear communicators and are thoroughly briefed on clients’ products and services. We’re engaging, friendly and, importantly, we also know when to listen. This means we can collect valuable feedback straight from potential customers and those already consuming your products. This gives our clients great information they can use to tweak and improve their business.

Our team can also help update your data base with every call they make. This gives your sales crew a better chance to strike success as they follow up warm leads we generate.

So, if you think our telemarketing services are a good fit for your business, get in touch. Let us help grow your customer base, generate sales and leads so your business can thrive. Please contact us on (03) 5278 8288 for more information.

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