Quality secretarial services from Geelong-based Call Assist

December 22, 2015

What’s more important than keeping your customers happy? In most cases, nothing! So when you get a complaint it is vital to respond in a timely fashion, with an appropriate resolution.

But when you are running a busy business and being pulled in several directions at once this can be difficult to achieve. That’s where Call Assist’s virtual secretarial services in Geelong can help by professionally handling complaints on behalf of other businesses.

It all comes down to quality customer service, listening to people’s complaints and treating them with respect while finding a positive way to deal with their concerns. As the saying goes, “If we don’t take care of our customers, then someone else will.” That’s a scenario no business wants to happen. And by using our secretarial services in Geelong we can help businesses keep their customers content and, importantly, coming back.

At Call Assist, we pride ourselves on turning a complaint into a positive and because it’s our job, you can ensure we have the time and patience to do it properly.

Our virtual secretarial services in Geelong are a real asset to businesses both big and small. Offering a wide range of services including word processing and typing, help with correspondence, answering phones, taking messages and organising appointments, we can become an integral member of your business without setting foot in your office.

Our experienced, competent and customer-focused team can be the perfect solution as your business grows or during peak periods when you are rushed off your feet. There’s no need to hire temporary staff in your office, you reclaim more time to devote to your business and you can feel confident that your customers, even those with a complaint, will be handled with care and quality service.

When it comes to virtual secretarial services Geelong businesses and those much further afield trust to get the job done right, look no further than the great team at Call Assist. Please contact us for more information.