Call Assist Labour Hire Recruitment

Permanent and Temporary Recruitment

Call Assist has a comprehensive Skills Register containing skilled staff looking for short term and permanent work.

If you’re looking for permanent staff or short-term staff to assist with a Shut Down or busy time in your industry – our recruitment team can source for you the best team. All you need to tell us is:

  • What is the role?
  • What activities will they perform?
  • Qualifications, skills and experience needed
  • The relevant award

We will match your information with the skills and attributes of the jobseekers on our database and present to you the best candidates for the job.

If there are no staff on the Call Assist Skills Register that meets your needs, Call Assist will use our extensive recruitment network to find the right staff for you.

As well as our Permanent and Temporary Recruitment Services, Call Assist also offers a virtual office, virtual secretarial services and virtual administration, and a host of other business services to help your business grow including:

Isn’t it time you relieved yourself of your recruitment burdens. Contact us today.