Benefits of outsourcing telemarketing services

September 29, 2022

Many businesses today are seeing the strong advantages that flow from outsourcing telemarketing services. Rather than spending significant time and resources building an in-house team, they’re hiring experts to handle the work for them. Experts like Call Assist.

At Call Assist, our specialist telemarketers are based at our 20-seat outbound call centre. We know how to make the most of every phone call we carry out on behalf of our clients, striving to generate warm leads and business opportunities with every conversation.

By outsourcing telephone marketing or telemarketing services to us, you’ll be able to direct your staff to other tasks to build your business. Don’t waste them on cold calling or chasing current or lapsed customers on your database. We can do that for you. Instead, let them get on with other valuable tasks. And when we pass on any strong leads, your sales staff have more time to follow them up and usher in welcome sales. It’s a cost-effective approach that makes good business sense.

With Call Assist telemarketers on the job, you can rest assured we’ll work hard to make our calls to people on your database a positive experience. We are polite, friendly and great at communication. Put simply, we’ll represent your business with respect and integrity, which leaves a lasting impression on the people we contact.

Real benefit

Another real benefit in using our telemarketing services is its flexibility. Businesses use our services when they need us. When you’ve got a big campaign happening, you might need our team for more hours and more days. But when you don’t need the same level of telephone marketing activity, the hours can go down. Outsourcing delivers real scalability and that’s a big bonus when you are paying the bills.

Call Assist’s telemarketers can also help with:

  • Business-to-business promotions and campaigns focusing on people in your database;
  • Establishing a quality database for clients;
  • Building positive connections with current and potential customers over the phone, leaving them with a good impression of your business;
  • And providing valuable customer feedback on the goods and services of your business. It’s a real asset in gauging just how effective your campaigns actually are.

If you want to know more about Call Assist’s expert telemarketing services, please contact us on (03) 5278 8288.

A telemarketer on the phone.