Telemarketing services helping Australian businesses thrive

January 30, 2022

Call Assist’s professional telemarketing services can give Australian businesses an edge over their competition.

And nowadays, after a tough few years during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and organisations are actively on the hunt for any advantage that helps them to get ahead and prosper.

We know our telemarking services are an excellent place to start. Our 20-seat outbound call centre provides a gateway to greater returns on your marketing and sales campaigns. When you use Call Assist’s highly-trained team you can rest assured we’ll represent your brand with pride, respect and care.

Telemarketing describes the business practice of directly marketing services or goods to potential or current customers by phone. Whether it involves use of a data base or cold calling people, it is a effective tool used by a wide range of Australian businesses.

Generating sales and warm leads

Our professional team provides telemarketing services including:

  • Generating sales and warm leads for your sales team to follow;
  • Business-to-business promotions or campaigns targeting individuals on your database;
  • Identifying a suitable campaign demographic for your business;
  • Setting up quality databases for clients;
  • Helping businesses to forge quality connections with clients – current and potential – over the phone;
  • And providing important and detailed feedback from customers about your company’s goods and services. It’s a great way to find out whether your campaigns are effective.

Our friendly and courteous team knows how to handle telemarketing calls correctly. We work hard to ensure customers feel positive about the experience. And we treat every person we call as an individual, not just a number.

Our telemarketing services are a cost-effective way for your business to connect with more customers. We can also help you expand your sales territory, which opens the door to potential growth.

So what are you waiting for? Let us help your business to thrive in today’s highly-competitive world. Please contact us on (03) 5278 8288 for more information on our comprehensive range of services.

Professional telemarketing services for Australian businesses