What is virtual appointment setting?

June 29, 2021

Virtual appointment setting is a practical and cost-effective way to generate potential sales and help businesses grow.

It’s just one of the many services Call Assist offers businesses and organisations. Our highly-trained outbound call centre staff can pave the way for clients’ sales teams, providing them with warm leads they can follow up.

So how does it actually work? Well, we become your frontline cheer squad. Virtual appointment setters, drawing on the client’s data base, call existing and potential clients on their behalf. And they make that all-important first impression count, with the aim of booking them time with your team to discuss your services and products.

Virtual appointment setting is all about creating opportunities for businesses to follow. And when those potential leads are chased up by clients’ sales teams, they can turn into lucrative sales.

Helping businesses prosper

At Call Assist, we’re here to help your sales team fill its calendar with appointments with potential clients. Then hopefully, those potential clients will turn into happy customers.

When you use Call Assist, you get a professional team that will represent your business competently and respectfully. We are polite, accurate and efficient. And we’re here to help your business prosper.

While outsourcing appointment setting has many benefits, saving time is a major appeal. Because businesses no longer have to draw on their own in-house sales staff to make cold calls, those staff can now dedicate their time to following warm leads and making sales. It’s about freeing your business from managing the process so you can devote your attention to actual sales.

Perhaps you’ve run a marketing campaign and need a team ready and waiting to organise appointments with interested customers? Well, we can help. Or maybe you want us to carry out a telemarketing campaign for you and book in potential customers for appointments with your sales team? That’s no problem.

The bottom line is that this service has the potential to make a real difference to sales for your business.

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Virtual appointment setting