The Number One Provider of Government Call Centre Services is Call Assist!

February 1, 2021

When it comes to Government call centre services in Australia, you simply cannot go past the expertise and experience of Call Assist. Our team provide reliable and professional support to departments and agencies across the Federal, State and Local Government, and streamline the internal processes of the organisations that help the citizens of Australia.

Whether it be a council, commission, foundation, agency, or government body, our services are essential to the overall efficiency and smooth running of all organisations. We work to ensure that all client interaction is of the highest standard, and that set goals, both big and small, are achieved with precision and quality.

Call Assist takes control over the wealth of communication, customer service and administration duties in order to help relieve the stress and responsibility put on Government organisations, thus allowing them more time to deal with the more pressing issues, such as the current COVID pandemic.

Community engagement is a large focus of our Government-based call centre work and our vast experience in creating juries, developing forums and in other public service functions means we can do this to the highest quality. These duties are often those that Government organisations simply don’t have the time and resources to prioritise, which is where the importance of our services is made ever so clear.

Institutions like these need a team of trusted professionals that they can rely on, and we at Call Assist pride ourselves on being that team for a wide range of Government organisations in Australia. No matter what you throw our way, our team can tackle any issue with ease and proficiency.

To learn more information and to receive a competitive quote on the services that we can provide to various Government organisations, please get in contact with us today on (03) 5278 8288. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and greatly look forward to hearing from you.

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