3 Reasons To Outsource An Efficient Call Centre For Your Geelong Business

September 22, 2020

There are various ways in which businesses can benefit from local and professional call centre services in Geelong, particularly to establish, develop and nurture client relationships.

In times like these, having a loyal customer base is pivotal to survival; and we at Call Assist prioritise your business’ survival over all else. We want to see you come out the other end of this pandemic standing on two feet, but to do that you may need our help.

If you are thinking about contacting a local call centre but not sold on the value we can add to your business, here are some reasons to outsource an efficient call centre in Geelong.

1. Make use of qualified telemarketing services

Telemarketing is defined as the direct marketing of goods and/or services through telephone calls, often taking the disguise of customer service calls, in order to push a particular promotion. They can be very effective and beneficial for businesses as they can help you market directly to your target demographic, encourage a positive brand perception and increase sales. The Call Assist team are trained in direct customer telemarketing, B2B promotions, database establishment and refinement.

2. Understand your target customer better with market research

Our well-trained Call Assist team are experts in market research and can assist your business to better understand the industry you operate in, as well as narrow down the target demographic you should market to. We do this through various research tactics including surveys, customer analyses, business statistics and product research.

3. Ensure the success of your business’s marketing efforts with our campaign support services

Our call centre staff can also assist the marketing campaigns of your business through support services which include emergency assistance, membership support, customer resource management (CRM) systems, sales enquiries and after-hours sales and services.

Our operators have the skill and experience to ensure that your brand is represented in a professional, responsive and reliable manner. We care about your business and constantly strive for excellence. If this sounds like something your business can benefit from, then contact us today on (03) 5278 8288 and talk to one of our trusted call centre professionals to enquire more. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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