Geelong’s premier inbound customer service provider making life easier for allied health professionals

June 28, 2019

Call Assist’s Geelong inbound customer service¬†helps allied health professionals in the bayside city to do what they do best – provide outstanding care to those who seek their assistance.

With Call Assist’s experienced team handling the time-consuming phone calls, patient and client follow up information and inquiries, it means that Geelong allied-health workers can get back to the core business of helping their patients. After all, a passion to improve people’s health is a driver for people in the allied-health sector, and outsourcing aspects of customer service means they can devote themselves to just that.

Australia’s allied health sector is growing steadily and has a workforce that’s nudging 200,000. That equates to more than 25 per cent of the total health workforce across the country. And with areas including aged care and mental health increasing steadily, the demands on these professionals will continue to rise.

From podiatrists to physiotherapists and social workers to speech pathologists, the sheer amount of customer service demands can become overwhelming.¬† But with Call Assist’s inbound customer service team assisting, the stress will slip away and you can focus on your patients.

Call Assist has experience in dealing with customers of many types of health care providers. We have a strong, proven track record when it comes to implementing a successful customer care plan that has your customers feeling positive, listened to and looked after.

Our team works with allied health clients to understand exactly what they need, then develops a comprehensive plan and training manual so our inbound customer service staff in Geelong can competently and efficiently handle all incoming calls.

You won’t believe how much of a difference enlisting a professional inbound customer service team can make until you give it a try. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Call Assist today.