Inbound customer service boosting Geelong businesses

March 31, 2019

If you are looking for new efficiency and productivity measures for your business, have you considered switching your in-house customer service to a dedicated call centre?

At Call Assist we are Geelong inbound customer service experts, helping clients big and small to keep customers happy with the products and services they provide.

Our team strives for excellence in every inquiry we handle on your behalf. A high-quality inbound customer service that is responsive and promptly solves problems for customers can be the difference between retaining loyal customers or losing them to hungry competitors. And, with us on board, that won’t happen.

Outsourcing help desk customer service to a professional call centre makes life much easier for your workforce. Instead of spreading themselves too thin by handling customer service inquiries as well as other tasks, they can devote themselves to the core business of growing your products and services.

And with a dedicated call centre like Call Assist in your corner, you’ll also cut back on the time-consuming task of specifically training your staff in this particular area.

If your business has a global market, then using our Geelong inbound customer service team makes added sense because we can operate around the clock. Being available to customers all the time can only enhance your reach around the world.

With Call Assist taking on your help desk responsibilities, you can rest assured our experienced staff will be well trained in your range of products and services. This means we’ll be able to trouble shoot issues for customers and help to resolve the situation in a positive manner. We work hard to make every call a positive experience for your customers.

Because we develop a detailed customer service plan and training model, with strong input from our client, all our staff are well equipped to handle customer queries. We’re highly trained and experienced and we won’t let your company down.

If your company or organisation is looking for a professional Geelong inbound customer service team to help lift your business, please contact Call Assist today. You won’t be disappointed.