The difference between inbound and outbound call centers

March 8, 2018

Having an inbound customer call service is a necessary tool for any business that wants to provide comprehensive customer service to customers or clients seeking assistance or further information. Employing the expertise of the Call Assist inbound customer service Geelong specialists will provide many noticeable benefits—such as increased customer retention, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

There are two main types of customer service when it comes to calls. These are inbound and outbound customer service. Outbound customer service is a proactive approach which involves an agent contacting customers to follow up on an experience, service or product. Whereas, inbound customer service is a more traditional approach whereby customers contact a representative regarding a service, product or experience.

Our team at Call Assist can provide both inbound and outbound customer service management, providing a comprehensive and effective service for your customers.

Any business serious about improving their customer service should have some type of inbound customer service call set up. With research showing that retaining customers through solving issues and following up on services more profitable in the long term than directing resources towards gaining new customers.

Often businesses are so focused on attracting new business that they neglect their existing profitable customers and as a result lose their customer base. By acquiring the help of the Geelong inbound customer service experts Call Assist, not only will you save money but we will keep existing customers profitable and happy whilst you focus on converting new ones.

Our staff at Call Assist are trained in delivering the best possible experience for your customers and quickly solving any queries or issues they may have, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more sales in the future.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to increase sales and the experience of your existing customer base without having to use more resources, contact Call Assist today.