Your experienced telemarketing team in Geelong

February 28, 2018

While telemarketing is an essential tool for many successful businesses it does take time, attention and training to run effectively in-house.

That’s why many organisations are turning to Call Assist for help. With a professional 20-seat outbound call centre, our staff are experienced in providing telemarketing in Geelong to a wide range of clients across the country.

And with customers becoming increasingly frustrated with overseas call centres, perhaps it’s time to look “local” in your search for a high-performing, experienced telemarketing team.

Based in Geelong, Call Assist offers quality telemarketing services that help grow your business in a range of ways including uncovering new customers amd building strong relationships. Because we’re experienced telemarketers, we know how to make our calls a positive experience for the people and businesses we contact on your behalf. After all, it’s all about representing your organisation with confidence, calmness and courtesy.

From business-to-business promotions to campaigns focusing on your extensive data base, we work efficiently on your behalf. We also abide and respect all relevant rules and regulations including the Do Not Call register.

Outsourcing your telemarketing to Call Assist makes good business sense. Running an in-house telemarketing service can be a costly proposition when you take into account training, recruitment and running expenses.

When you get Call Assist’s professional telemarketers to handle the task for you, they hit the ground running. That’s because our staff are well trained and experienced at what they do. Let us do the telemarketing while you focus onĀ  building your business.

So contact us at Call Assist today and discover how we can help your business go from strength to strength with our professional telemarking services in Geelong.