Our Geelong call centre supports businesses over the festive break

December 22, 2017

While staff are enjoying a well-earned Christmas and New Year holiday, many businesses can’t just switch off their activities and stay in limbo until their return.

That’s where Call Assist’s call centre in Geelong can help businesses, big and small. Our experienced team will be hard at work the whole way through the festive break. And we’re happy to support your company or organisation, filling gaps left by holidaying staff by handling all your calls to help keep operations running smoothly.

Our inbound, outbound call centre staff are experts at hitting the ground running. Highly trained and knowledgeable about the clients they represent, they will represent your brand professionally with every call they handle.

If you need the assistance of a call centre Geelong businesses, and those much further afield, can rely on Call Assist for a quality result.

Our efficient, front-line staff provide a range of services including: inbound and outbound call centre; help desk and technical support for customers; inbound customer service; debt collection; and collection of information through formal surveys and thorough market research.

You can also ask us about our appointment setting and virtual business administration services too.

There’s no such thing as down time at Call Assist’s call centre in Geelong. And that’s good news for your staff and business – employees get a break and your business gets to run smooothly while they’re away.

For more information, please contact us at Call Assist.