Our Geelong call centre a great local choice

February 28, 2017

If your business is on the hunt for quality call centre services, there’s a leading local contender that stacks up admirably with overseas options.

At Call Assist, an inbound-outbound call centre in Geelong, our experienced employees provide quality front-line services for the clients they represent, helping to grow their businesses and their customer base.

While some businesses believe they’ll reduce costs by looking overseas the shift offshore might come at a price. Customers often prefer the familiar. They want good communicators, clear English and people who are based here, in this country. It’s that link of language, that knowledge of current events and a sense of comfort, and it’s a valuable asset for local businesses to capitalise on.

If customers have a bad experience with an overseas call centre, they’re gone. And so is their business – sometimes permanently. Suddenly, instead of cutting costs by heading offshore, you may be cutting customers through dissatisfaction.

There are many reasons to look locally when it comes to call centres. Easy access to professionally trained staff and comprehensive services, coupled with a commitment to excellence, makes Geelong-based Call Assist a popular choice.

Call Assist is the perfect vehicle for businesses that are rapidly growing or need extra staff during peak periods. With us in your corner, there’s no need to hire temporary staff, saving you recruitment time, office space and organisational headaches. Instead, rely on our team in areas including telemarketing, help desk, appointment setting, secretarial services, business administration and virtual administration.

For businesses looking to outsource work to a call centre, Call Assist is a great option. We’re the call centre Geelong clients and those further afield rely on for quality business solutions. Please contact us for more information.