Inbound customer service centre to enhance your business

January 29, 2017

If your organisation is seeking quality inbound customer service, you can’t go wrong with Geelong-based Call Assist.

Our 20-seat inbound call centre, staffed by experienced and well-trained operators, is building a strong reputation for excellent service among national and international clients. From the minute we come on board, you’ll have access to efficient front-line staff who take pride in representing your business to a high standard.

The members of our inbound customer service team in Geelong know how vital that first point of contact is with your clients and they won’t let you down. With strong training in your brand, services and products, they’ll be able to fulfil roles including handling customer questions in a friendly, capable manner that will make the experience a positive one for the person calling in.

Call Assist’s inbound call centre is also a valuable tool for businesses looking to outsource their sales. We’re highly efficient and will deliver strong inbound sales results that will boost your business while helping you to identify potential sales opportunities at the same time.

Reputation is a key to successful business. Without it, organisations suffer and profits can drop. We recognise that and we’re committed to ensuring every contact we have with your clients and potential customers will enhance both your brand and sales and build goodwill for your company. We want your clients to be repeat clients and we’ll work hard to make that happen.

Whether you use our team to handle the bulk of your customer service needs or to boost your own workforce in peak periods, you won’t be disappointed with the result.

If your organisation is seeking excellent inbound customer service Geelong call centre Call Assist won’t let you down. In fact, we’ll do our utmost to help build you up. Please contact us for more information on our comprehensive range of inbound call centre services.