Small business recruitment services in Geelong

July 29, 2016

Recruiting quality staff can be a long process and many small businesses just don’t have the time to devote to finding the perfect candidate to join their ranks.

That’s why leaving the task to Call Assist’s recruitment services in Geelong makes perfect sense. With our quality team handling the process, your staff can get on with their busy jobs while we hunt out the most suitable candidates for you to select from.

Many small businesses simply aren’t equipped to deal with an in-depth search for a new employee who can hit the ground running. They might not have the human resources staff needed, the experience or simply enough hours in the day to co-ordinate an efficient recruitment process.

By outsourcing recruitment services in Geelong small businesses can save money and time. It’s a great solution to what can otherwise be a stressful time for business owners and managers.

So how can Call Assist’s expert recruitment staff help? The answer? We can assist in lots of ways, co-ordinating and streamlining the process so you end up with a shortlist of quality candidates to choose from. That’s a much better option than wading through a stack of applications yourself on top your normal business tasks.

Our team can handle everything from crafting job ads and advertising them through to managing applications, carrying out pre-interview questions and setting up interviews. If you want potential candidates to undergo testing in areas including aptitude, we’ll organise that too.

It’s all part of the comprehensive recruitment services we offer at Call Assist. We do the lead-up work, while you get a short-list of great potential employees to interview without the hassle of sourcing them yourself.

At Call Assist, we’re focused on helping you get the right candidate for your small business. It’s about finding someone with the right skills, experience and qualifications, who will be a strong performer and `great fit’ for your small business.

If you need a new staff member for your small business, please contact us at Call Assist and let our recruitment services in Geelong make the process easier.