Does your business need an Australian-based call centre?

June 24, 2016

If you want a quality out-sourced team to help support your business in areas including telemarketing and research, Call Assist’s Australian-based call centre has you covered.

Based in Geelong, we’ve built a great name with businesses big and small from across the nation and overseas. And that’s because our professional inbound and outbound call centre staff set the bar high with every task they tackle for clients. We’re committed to representing your brand and company in a professional manner and we’re here to provide excellent core business support that leaves you wondering how you coped without us in the past!

The beauty of using a professional outfit like ours is that you swiftly get an experienced team to meet your business needs during peak periods or company growth without the stress of hiring temporary staff.

Do you need a telemarketing team? Or perhaps you’re crying out for a capable Help Desk crew to support your company’s services and products? Are you looking for campaign support including important membership drives? Have you a need for quality market research in the form of surveys or crucial customer analysis? We can help. And we can also take on the role of appointment management for you too.

Our talented call centre team will fit seamlessly into your organisation, becoming the voices and faces behind your business when you need us. We won’t let you down.

If you’re on the hunt for an Australian-based call centre to help your business or organisation, then please contact us at Call Assist for more information.