Call centre services increase sales for Geelong businesses

March 29, 2016

Most businesses rely on sales to keep afloat. At Call Assist we understand that. And our call centre is committed to helping Geelong businesses not only stay afloat, but power through the water towards better sales and increased market penetration.

The dedicated team of professionals working at our call centre in Geelong provides a handy sales solution for businesses big and small. By drawing on the skills of our experienced inbound and outbound call centre crew, businesses can instantaneously swell their sales team numbers, giving them wider and deeper coverage of their specific market.

Call Assist has built a name for excellence when it comes to delivering telephone sales and other services that shine a spotlight on clients’ products. We’re professional, friendly and efficient and we can be a great member of your sales team without setting foot in your office.

Whether we’re that valuable first link with customers calling in to purchase your product or we’re making calls to further your sales, our staff can be a quality point of contact between your business and the people in your marketplace. We’re a vital gateway to your clients, we take that responsibility seriously and we can make a real difference to your bottom line and your market share.

Perhaps you need a permanent outsourced sales team to help build your business? Call Assist can help. Or are you seeking a temporary crew to bolster your existing sales staff during hectic, peak periods? Give us a yell.

If you need assistance to reduce the pressure of meeting your targets, be it for sales or support functions, our inbound and outbound services can fit the bill. We can also provide help desk, telemarketing and a wide range of other support services to suit the needs of your business.

Please contact us Call Assist if you would like more information about how our team can help boost your sales figures. We’re the call centre Geelong clients turn to and we can have a positive impact on your business.