Australian-based inbound call centre servicing America

July 31, 2015

Call Assist has forged a reputation as a premier Australian-based inbound call centre. While we help many diverse businesses across the nation, we’re also well positioned to service the United States.

If you are an American-based business requiring call centre services overnight, outsourcing to our professional team at Call Assist is a great option. Because of the time difference, your night time is our day time. We can take care of business while you sleep. And we’ll make sure we work hard for you, taking those vital customer and inquiry calls and representing your brand and products with skill to ensure your reputation grows.

Using our services delivers round-the-clock care for your customers and they also get to deal with English-speaking staff every time they call.

Our highly-trained inbound call centre team, which has a range of capabilities including help desk and sales, knows how important excellent customer service is for building a loyal customer base. We treat every incoming call with professionalism and attention to detail. We’ll help turn first-time callers into customers and customers into repeat business. And we’ll ensure they’re satisfied with the level of service they receive. That’s our job and we’re good at it.

With technology effectively shrinking the globe, we are pleased to be able to offer our professional services to clients across the Pacific in the US. Whether you are a big company or small, if you need an inbound call centre with a commitment to excellence, then consider Call Assist.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our Australian-based inbound call centre.