Levels of support at our Australian-based IT help desk

April 23, 2015

IT help desks play a vital role in customer engagement and satisfaction. Once a customer or client has purchased your product or service, the help desk is often their first contact with your company. A negative experience can harm your business. First impressions really do count – surveys have shown that after a bad experience, customers will avoid a vendor for more than two years and up to 95 percent of the time they will share that bad experience with others – so news travels quickly, particularly when it’s bad!

Level One support is the first level where your customers will deal with another person on the phone or through email contact to provide IT support and basic customer service. IT enquiries for your business are filtered and solved then and there. This is also the best level for information gathering. At level one, the call operator can set up emails, manage domain names as well as provide assistance with and troubleshoot a range of other IT requirements. The goal of level one is to handle and solve 70 to 80 percent of user issues before escalating the problem to the next level.

If the enquiry or issue cannot be solved at level one, the call operator will determine that they should be moved up to level two or three support.

Level two operators generally handle issues involving desktops, laptops and other devices. Problems can include breakages, configuration issues, installation of software, repairs to hardware and more.

At level three, the support is more technical and the problems tend to be more difficult. These often include database, network, administration and infrastructure problems. At Call Assist, our level three operators are experienced and have the ability to think outside the box to solve challenging issues for customers.

If you are an Australian business, the team at Call Assist are your Australian-based IT help desk. We work on your time to provide immediate assistance to your valued clients and customers. For an international business, we are able to provide support throughout your night-time and our day time to ensure 24-hour support is available.