Our Australian-based inbound call centre can help your growing business

January 20, 2015

There are times when a business is growing so quickly that it is difficult to be across every facet and aspect of that growth. You started with a product or a service that you knew back to front, inside out and all around. There was nothing you didn’t know about your business!

But with growth comes change. There are aspects of any business that become more important and more challenging as the business grows. One such example is communicating with your clients or customers. In the past it may well have been just you or your partner on the telephone dealing with queries, questions, orders and at times even problems.

What happens when the demand for your product or service outpaces the amount of time or resources you have to deal with that demand? On face value that is a fantastic result, but you still need to keep customer service levels high if you are to continue to satisfy your burgeoning customer base and continue to grow your business. Your best option is to bring in a professional to take over that role, and leave you with the time to do what you do best – continue to work to improve your product or service!

Call Assist is an Australian-based inbound call centre with comprehensively trained staff who can professionally represent your brand and answer any queries your customers may have. Call assist have excellent sales results taking inbound calls from customers from a variety of businesses. If your clients or customers are calling you, it is because they already know about your product or service and want to either order it or find out more. We have the expert staff who can close the sale for you.

To find out more about the high standards of service and attention to detail that the safe at Call Assist provide, contact us today. We can help to satisfy the needs of your customers and ensure that their queries will be dealt with in all circumstances and as quickly as possible.