Benefits of using an Australian-based call centre

December 9, 2014

Are you considering hiring an offshore telemarketing call centre? Maybe with the intention of cutting costs? You may want to reconsider. Regardless of your location, surveys continually confirm that customers prefer dealing with service providers who are based in their own country. With an understanding of local culture, colloquialisms, weather, media, politics and more, local call centres provide a first class customer service experience.

Consumers generally prefer what they know, and with an Australian-based call centre you will have a committed, informed and knowledgeable group of telemarketers who will help to build credibility and confidence in your company – remember that in many instances it is the telemarketing staff who represent your company to prospective and existing clients and customers.

When dealing with your organisation, customers want a rewarding and understanding experience when they engage with a call centre. Whether making sales, dealing with general enquiries and complaints or providing help-desk support, you need professional communicators working on your behalf.

If customers have negative or difficult dealings with a customer service centre, they may well choose to find a different service provider. Customer dissatisfaction is a key driver for consumers to find another source for their requirements, and any potential cost savings made by moving to an offshore call centre are quickly lost along with the customers.

Call Assist are an Australian-based call centre with a commitment to the local market and the ability to engage with your customers and clients in an efficient, enthusiastic and professional manner. Contact us today.